Area author publishes book of devotions

Sept. 7, 2012 -- Many Rivers Harbor announces the publication of On Target: Devotions for Modern Life, a book of devotions written by Ada area resident Kelley Benson.

The book focuses on the problems confronting people in modern society, Benson says, such as relationships, finances, education, children, and other facets of a busy life.

Benson is a Christian and small town minister who has a passion for using everyday opportunities to help people recognize how God works in their lives. He and his wife Jade are being intentional about raising their three young children to see how God should be part of everything people do. He’s been involved in the ministry since 1997 and has participated in a wide range of ministries. However, he was inspired by a close Christian mentor to practice “vocational preaching,” simply put: to work and preach. This allows him the opportunity to be involved in the lives of other people in a personal way through secular work while demonstrating leadership in a local church. “To do this requires the full commitment of our entire family, realizing the blessings that come with being involved in helping people develop a stronger relationship with God,” Benson says.

Benson is currently working as a Realtor® in Ada for Paradigm Realty. He’s been involved with the investment industry, the insurance industry, teaching at the local college, and even carpentry. He also operates a small gym where he teaches kids how to work out and exercise. And he has a woodshop that he uses as a tool to educate those in the community who are interested in building, marketing, and selling furniture.

The book is now available at Lulu and can be purchased HERE. For more information, visit Benson's website at

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